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Places. Cornelia Konrads

conny in actionCornelia Konrads
Born 1957 in Wuppertal/Germany.

Philosophy and Culture-Science

Freelanced since 1998

Focus on site-specific installations and objects.
Comissioned permanent and temporary works for public spaces, sculpture parks and private gardens.

Participation in various sculpture- and Land Art projects in Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, USA, Taiwan, South Korea and Australia .

"Places refer to all the locations assembled together in this book: the concrete locations at and for which the exterior installations were produced as well as the imaginary places typified by the books.
How does space become place? Through one’s own arrival and presence, however temporary. Also through leaving behind traces and signs, which create a connection to the next place.
As a rule, my works n the landscape are preceded - and followed - by a journey. In transit in unknown territory in search of the place and the form for a planned installation. I collect what lies on the edge of the path – stories, characters, materials and occurrences- until what I have collected at a certain place condenses into an inner image. This is followed by a building phase. During what is always a very intense stay, the place changes for me, as does the original picture had of it. When I leave a place, a constellation remains which for me is always inseparably bound to this place — but also with the journey that led me there.
Books enable setting out on every kind of journey imaginable within the narrowest of bounds. Initially, however, “language is driven out” of my books. An empty book leads everywhere and nowhere. It remains closed and at the same opens up an unfathomable, new space in which I am able to invent places through my arrangement of material. Thus in a certain way my books reflect my experience of searching and discovering in unknown landscapes.
My intention was to document the stations and results - often far apart – of this searching and discovering and assemble them together into an imaginary “map”.
I am above all grateful to the Landschaftsverband Hameln-Pyrmont, especially its chairman, Mr. Rüdiger Butte, that this could come about in the form of this book. (2007)
Cornelia Konrads - 1958

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